What is J.A.L. Sports Management?

JAL Sports Management is an athlete representation agency serving the state of Florida and Arizona.

Who is Juan A. Lopez?

Juan A. Lopez is a licensed athlete agent, licensed in the state of Florida and Arizona and certified by the NBA (National Basketball Association) as a Player agent.

What does J.A.L. Sports Management do?

JAL Sport Management assists athletes in contract negotiations upon being drafted by a professional team, or when an amateur athlete decides he or she would like to become a professional athlete. JAL Sports Management also assists professional athletes looking for sports representation.

How can J.A.L. Sports Management help me?

J.A.L. Sports Management can help you with all of your representation needs regarding contract negotiations with professional teams, and endorsements with companies who want to use your likeness to promote their products.

How do I contact J.A.L. Sports Management?

You may contact us by sending us an email to: jlopez@jalsportsmanagement.com, or by calling (305)984-4752, or by filling out our contact information page.