About Us

Juan Lopez

Juan A. Lopez has over 15 years experience working in the legal industry and in professional sports. He has worked in the public sector for the Office of the Miami-Dade County State Attorney as well as different organizations in the private sector with great success.

As an athlete your playing days are limited. You can be one of the best in your respective sports, but you have to plan for life after your athletic career is over. JAL Sports Management is committed to your success, both on and off the field! We strive to secure the best financial outcome for your athletic skills during your playing days, as well post athletic career. We would love to be your sports representation agency. Contact us at: jlopez@jalsportsmanagement.com

Legal Team

The law offices of Paul J. Burkhart located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, works together with J.A.L. Sports Management to ensure all client's legal needs are addressed and satisfied in professional and expedious manner.

Financial Planning

Univeral Partners has teamed up with J.A.L. Sports Management to provide our clients with the financial services, each client needs to ensure their financial futures after they stop playing. Ryan Perna and Universal Partners provides athletes with products from wealth management, to disability insurance that will protect them in the event of career ending injury.